Meet the Team



Penny Sommer


Ilene Sommer

Penny revolutionized the promotional products industry as an entrepreneurial woman when she founded Logos Unlimited in 1980. Deciding to do things differently, she prioritized personal relationships and creative problem solving as the cornerstone of the company. Her small NYC based operation grew and grew thanks to her drive, fortitude, and energy. Penny is a captivating storyteller. Her personable style has enabled her to transform clients into lifelong friends. Her expertise and experience have mentored countless people into their own success. Penny has a unique ability to think creatively and rapidly, to turn challenges into solutions, and transform obstacles into opportunities.

Perpetuating the family business, Ilene joined the Logos Unlimited team in 2006 and took the helm as Owner and President in 2014. With energy and enthusiasm, she embraced this new role, understanding that the foundation of Logos Unlimited's success is based upon relationships.  With seamless continuity, warmth, and attention to details Logos has continued to thrive.  Ilene's resourcefulness enables her to successfully navigate the industry.  Organized and efficient, her ability to communicate between factories and clients enables one and all to succeed in their individual and collective goals.




Rozana Terzic


Jodie Brenner

Rozana is the behind-the-scenes heartbeat of Logos Unlimited. Her dedication and strong work ethic for over 30 years, create a reliable, seamless experience from start to finish. Rozana excels at multitasking and research so that we can provide our clients with the right solution to their goals.  In her free time, Rozana enjoys yoga, Pilates, and a commitment to healthy living.

Jodie is the newest addition to the Logos family. Quite literally, following in Penny (Aunt) and Ilene's (Mom) footsteps, she is now poised to continue the legacy of this family business. Jodie lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley with her wife and 2 young sons. A former elementary school teacher, she has now pivoted into this industry to take the skills of listening, guiding, and fostering ideas to clients rather than students. Jodie excels at hearing and understanding the vision a client has, and reflecting their ideas back to them with purpose, intention, and creativity.


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